d125168 Workshop in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

CEVRO University
fall 2022
Extent and Intensity
0/36/0. 7 credit(s). Type of Completion: zk (examination).
prof. PhDr. Karel Müller, Ph.D. (lecturer)
Mgr. Jiří Cieslar (lecturer)
Guaranteed by
prof. PhDr. Karel Müller, Ph.D.
Department of Economics – Departments – President – CEVRO University
Timetable of Seminar Groups
d125168/seminar: No timetable has been entered into IS. J. Cieslar, K. Müller
Prerequisites (in Czech)
The course is devoted to the study and debates over most recent literature in the field published in leading scholarly journals, as well as debates with experts over resonant topics in politics and economics.
Course Enrolment Limitations
The course is offered to students of any study field.
Course objectives (in Czech)
Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:
- identify relevant research topics in current scholarly literature
- formulate relevant research questions
- write a research paper linked to current debates
Learning outcomes (in Czech)
Ten very recent articles in leading professional journals or by leading authors in the field will be read and debated. Students will attend professional events and scientific workshops or conferences and will elaborate and present their own paper or key study responding to these current debates within profession.
Language of instruction
Further Comments
Study Materials
The course can also be completed outside the examination period.
The course is also listed under the following terms summer 2017, summer 2018, summer 2019, summer 2020, fall 2020, fall 2021, fall 2023.
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