d125107 Social Research and Scientific Methods

CEVRO Institut
podzim 2021
48/0/0. 9 kr. Ukončení: zk.
Prof. Ing. Josef Šíma, Ph.D. (přednášející)
Prof. Ing. Josef Šíma, Ph.D.
Katedra ekonomie – Katedry – Rektor – CEVRO Institut
Út 12:30–13:50 Učebna 203, Čt 11:00–12:20 Učebna 103
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The course covers issues in political philosophy, economics, politics, and methodology of social sciences. lt first sheds some light on the origin of commercial society, the wealth of nations and the role of property and trade; in the second part it introduces students to some major debates in political economy over the role of the state in the market system. The next part focuses on different methodological approaches how to study social reality; the final part offers examples of different tools used by economists and presents applications of political economy in diverse fields. Our general text which gives students with or without previous training in economics a wonderful overview of both theoretical issues involved and its applications will be Matthew D. Mitchell and Peter J. Boettke: Applied Mainline Economics: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Public Policy. Students should also read papers for individual topics uploaded in the system in "Learning materials" section (and watch and listen to additional materials mentioned).
  • Philosophy, Politics, Economics as a Modern Approach to the Study of Social Sciences
  • Economic Logic and the Nature of Co-operation
  • Two Faces of Adam Smith
  • Economics and Economic Development - Poverty and Wealth of Nations
  • Globalization – more than economic development
  • Mainline vs. Mainstream Economics
  • Grand Debates in Political Economy - Socialism
  • Grand Debates in Political Economy - Keynesianism
  • The Limits of Economic Imperialism
  • The Nature of Economic Theorizing
  • Deductive Logic or Empirical Falsification?
  • Analytical Narrative
  • From Theory to Policy
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