CEVRO PPE Philosophy, Politics, Economics
Name in Czech: Philosophy, Politics, Economics
master's full-time single-subject, language of instruction: English English
Included in the programme: CEVRO N-PPE Philosophy, Politics, Economics

Compulsory courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Trimestr Profile Cat.
CEVRO:d125107Social Research and Scientific Methods E. Hromadazk 48/0/09 1Z
CEVRO:d125108Economics B. Kadeřábkovázk 48/24/09 1Z
CEVRO:d125109Political Economy of Europe M. Krásnickázk 24/0/07 1-
CEVRO:d125110Law and Economics of Property Rights D. Třískazk 24/48/07 1-
CEVRO:d125157Great Thinkers in Political and Economic Thought I. Bažantovázk 24/24/07 2Z
CEVRO:d125158Money, Banking, and the Financial System M. Vokounzk 24/24/07 2-
CEVRO:d125169Individual and Collective Decisions P. Minárikzk 24/24/07 2P
CEVRO:d125165Selected Issues in Political Philosophy K. Müllerzk 48/24/07 3P
CEVRO:d125167Economics and Politics of Institutions -zk 48/24/010 3Z
CEVRO:d125168Workshop in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics K. Čermákovázk 0/36/07 3-
77 credits

Elective courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Trimestr Profile Cat.
CEVRO:d140463An Introduction to Behavioural Sciences V. Zíkazk 25/0/06 1-
CEVRO:d157183Objectivism and Cinema E. Novazk 0/24/06 1-
CEVRO:d125140Jewish-Christian Roots of European Civilization P. Slámazk 12/12/06 1-
CEVRO:d133696 -zk - 1-
CEVRO:d150588Asia in International Relations R. Havlovázk 24/0/06 1-
CEVRO:d125162Economic and Political Systems of Transition -zk 48/246 1-
CEVRO:d127276Alternative Currencies and Decentralized Monetary Systems D. Stroukalzk 24/0/06 1-
CEVRO:d133695Business Cycle Theories D. Stroukalzk 12/12/06 2-
CEVRO:d133697Geopolitics and Diplomacy in Practice T. Pojarzk 12/12/06 2-
CEVRO:d150103 -zk - 2-
CEVRO:d157805 -zk - 2-
CEVRO:d157977Developing countries of the Global South in international relations R. Havlovázk 12/12/06 2-
CEVRO:d163520 -zk - 2-
CEVRO:d163705 -zk - 2-
CEVRO:d87050 -zk - 2-
CEVRO:d125141 -zk - 2-
54 credits