CEVRO POL Political Science
Name in Czech: Politologie
master's full-time single-subject, language of instruction: Czech Czech
Included in the programme: CEVRO N-POL Political Science

Compulsory courses

1. ročník

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Trimestr Profile Cat.
CEVRO:d113289Scientific writing M. Jemelkazk 12/36/07 1P
CEVRO:d23017Parties and party systems of Western countries T. Jarmarazk 48/24/09 1-
CEVRO:d23018Undemocratic systems and transitions to democracy D. Kunštátzk 24/48/09 1-
CEVRO:d23015Theory of democracy T. Jarmarazk 48/24/09 2-
CEVRO:d150213Civil society and its transformation K. Müllerzk 48/0/07 2P
CEVRO:d86990Public administration systems in European countries M. Jemelkazk 24/48/09 2Z
50 credits

2. ročník

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Trimestr Profile Cat.
CEVRO:d150516Problems of political sociology K. Müllerzk 48/24/09 1Z
CEVRO:d23016Globalization, geopolitics and conflicts T. Jarmarazk 48/24/09 1-
CEVRO:d150515Dobré vládnutí v teorii a v praxi K. Müllerzk 24/24/07 2P
25 credits

Elective courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Trimestr Profile Cat.
CEVRO:d100100File service in the context of eGovernment I. D. Brádlerováz 48/0/04 1-
CEVRO:d80621Diplomatic etiquette and protocol Š. Markováz 24/0/04 1-
CEVRO:d97745Political geography L. Mrklaszk 12/0/04 1-
CEVRO:d18972Scientific practicum M. Hýbnerováz 3 1-
CEVRO:d97103Administrative Science M. Kopeckýzk 48/24/09 1-
CEVRO:d106232Public Sector and practical issues of European and economic policy P. Nečaszk 12/0/04 --
CEVRO:d87448Business Law - Intellectual Property Law V. Pilíkzk 24/48/07 1-
CEVRO:d160164State security in the 21st century M. Hrinkozk 24/24/06 1-
CEVRO:d83661Public finances in the European context A. Zemplinerovázk 24/24/07 1-
CEVRO:d112612Constitutional and Administrative Justice L. Pítrovázk 24/24/09 1-
CEVRO:d146601Strategic and Project Management M. Vokounzk 24/48/09 1-
CEVRO:d119833Judicial and extra-judicial dispute resolution in commercial relationships P. Dobiášzk 24/48/07 1-
CEVRO:d86451The Development of Public Administration M. Jemelkazk 24/48/09 2-
CEVRO:d153763Strategic and operational security management P. Štalmachzk 12/36/06 2-
CEVRO:d86992Private International Law P. Dobiášzk 48/24/07 2-
CEVRO:d101121Public International Law L. Pítrovázk 36/12/07 2-
CEVRO:d86993Tax law in business relations K. Šimkazk 24/24/07 2-
CEVRO:d160166Selected security conflicts R. Havlovázk 24/24/07 2-
CEVRO:d160178Evropská sociální legislativa M. Cabrnochzk 24/24/07 2-
CEVRO:d83662Public Administration Control and administrative supervision E. Horzinkovázk 24/48/07 2-
CEVRO:d160175Plánování sociálních služeb a fundraising L. Kozlovázk 24/24/07 2-
CEVRO:d146598e-Government in theory and practice F. Korbelzk 24/48/09 2-
CEVRO:d101125Relative property rights I. Štenglovázk 48/24/09 2-
CEVRO:d101131Selected issues of of economic policy P. Nečaszk 24/0/04 2-
CEVRO:d119830Stredná Európa a naše predstavy o nej -zk 24/04 --
CEVRO:d121709Why and for what do we pay diplomats well? -zk 24/0/04 --
CEVRO:d122622History of communism in the Czech lands -zk 24/0/04 --
CEVRO:d149148History of Prague - politics and society -zk 24/0/04 --
CEVRO:d80515Applied Psychology -z - --
CEVRO:d82614Roman Law - the legal foundations of thought -zk - --
CEVRO:d86431II. World War and Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia -zk - --
CEVRO:d87054Advocacy and notary -zk - --
CEVRO:d22001Basics of Forensic Sciences F. Púryzk 14/12/04 --
CEVRO:d22002Domestic Security and Public Order M. Hrinkozk 48/12/06 --
CEVRO:d22003Organization of Security Forces and Intelligence Services J. Paďourekzk 14/12/04 --
CEVRO:d22004Crisis Management, Economic Measures for Crisis Situations and Czech Integrated Rescue System P. Nepovímzk 24/12/05 --
CEVRO:d22005Security technologies in non-virtual protection T. Kaválekzk 48/12/06 --
CEVRO:d22006Public and Private Investigation J. Šveczk 14/12/04 --
CEVRO:d22007Security management and authority of the Czech Republic B. Přikrylzk 14/12/04 --
CEVRO:d22008Population Protection and Healthcare M. Hirtzk 48/12/06 --
CEVRO:d22009The legal system of the Czech Republic in the area of safety and employment conditions P. Vetešníkzk 14/12/04 --
CEVRO:d22010Public Tort Liability E. Horzinkovázk 48/12/06 --
CEVRO:d22014Defense of the State and the Theory of Wars B. Přikrylzk 12/12/04 --
CEVRO:d22015Democracy and security in the Czech Republic L. Mrklaszk 12/12/04 --
CEVRO:d22017Criminology and Economic Crime F. Púryzk 12/12/04 --
CEVRO:d22018Tasks and Activities of Law Enforcement and the Services of the Police of the Czech Republic M. Hrinkozk 24/12/05 --
CEVRO:d22019International Security and Institutions P. Pšejazk 24/12/05 --
CEVRO:d22023Communication Systems P. Štalmachzk 12/12/04 --
CEVRO:d23004Disinformation and propaganda M. Heranovázk 24/0/04 --
CEVRO:d23005Journalist for the semester! J. Cieslarz 24/0/06 --
CEVRO:d23006Journalist for the semester 2! J. Cieslarz 24/0/06 1-
CEVRO:d23012Human resources and personnel management P. Hůrkazk 24/24/05 --
CEVRO:d23013Employment Relations II P. Hůrkazk 24/24/05 --
CEVRO:d23014Social Security Law P. Hůrkazk 24/12/05 --
281 credits

Volitelné předměty v cizím jazyce

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Trimestr Profile Cat.
CEVRO:d1968Russian for beginners M. Hýbnerováz 24/0/04 1-
CEVRO:d157979Latin D. Tesařováz 24/0/03 1-
CEVRO:d157977Developing countries of the Global South in international relations R. Havlovázk 12/12/06 1-
CEVRO:d113597Conversation in English J. Cieslarováz 24/0/04 1-
CEVRO:d125140Jewish-Christian Roots of European Civilization P. Slámazk 12/12/06 1-
CEVRO:d127276Alternative Currencies and Decentralized Monetary Systems D. Stroukalzk 24/0/06 1-
CEVRO:d125168Workshop in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics K. Čermákovázk 0/36/07 1-
CEVRO:d19681Russian for beginners M. Hýbnerováz 24/0/03 2-
CEVRO:d137957Modern Party Politics in Europe M. Brunclíkzk 24/0/06 1-
CEVRO:d140463An Introduction to Behavioural Sciences V. Zíkazk 25/0/06 1-
CEVRO:d7890320th Century Ideas - Reflected in European Literature, Film and Visual Art M. Pajerovázk 24/0/06 2-
CEVRO:d85457Conflict regions in the current world M. Zrnozk 24/0/06 2-
CEVRO:d90432Civil Society and the Public Sphere in the EU K. Müllerzk 24/0/06 2-
CEVRO:d133697Geopolitics and Diplomacy in Practice T. Pojarzk 12/12/06 2-
CEVRO:d133695Business Cycle Theories D. Stroukalzk 12/12/06 2-
CEVRO:d114597Conversation in English M. Stráneckýz 24/0/04 2-
CEVRO:d150588Asia in International Relations R. Havlovázk 24/0/06 2-
CEVRO:d11459777English for beginners J. Cieslarováz 24/0/04 --
CEVRO:d157183Objectivism and Cinema E. Novazk 0/24/06 1-
CEVRO:d163565Introduction to Financial Markets M. Vokounzk 24/24/07 1-
CEVRO:d163569Entrepreneuship and Modern Business-Making D. Fialazk 24/48/09 1-
CEVRO:d16514888Ayn Rand's philosophy of capitalism E. Novazk 24/0/06 --
CEVRO:d22013Comparative Constitutional Systems M. Brunclíkzk 24/0/06 1-
CEVRO:d22022Geopolitics in Practice F. Mičánekzk 12/12/04 --
CEVRO:d23001English for beginners II M. Stráneckýz 24/0/04 --
CEVRO:d23002Societies, Art and Identities J. Cirklovázk 12/12/06 --
CEVRO:d23003Current political changes in Europe: problems, challenges, insights. What is the future? K. Müllerzk 24/0/06 2-
CEVRO:d23009International Communications: origins modern trends and outlines K. Müllerzk 24/0/06 --
155 credits

Státní závěrečná zkouška

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Trimestr Profile Cat.
CEVRO:SZZk_DiplPThesis Defense M. HýbnerováSZk 11 --
CEVRO:SZZk_KPComparative Politics K. MüllerSZk 6 --
CEVRO:SZZk_SPGSSociety and politics in the global world K. MüllerSZk 6 --
23 credits